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Annie Sohn, DDS, PS

Esthetic Dentistry for the Entire Family

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It seems like common sense to treat the whole person, not just a body part; the whole mouth, not just the tooth. However, for many, the dentist is still just someone you see only when you have a toothache. Studies are showing more and more the connection between oral and systemic health. Dental disease—caries (disease that causes cavities), periodontal disease and occlusal disease—for the most part is a chronic condition afflicting virtually every human being on the planet. However, as with chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes, it is preventable and easily treatable with early diagnosis. Preventive dentistry includes regular exams, radiographs, cleanings and the use of medical adjuncts like fluoride and xylitol. Exams involve not just checking for cavities but head and neck, oral cancer screening, TMJ, occlusal analysis, as well as yearly periodontal exams. The rate and severity of disease determines how frequently you need an exam. Additional tests may be prescribed as needed.