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Annie Sohn, DDS, PS

Esthetic Dentistry for the Entire Family

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Gentle on patients and the environment!
Technological advancements have made dentistry virtually pain-free for the patient and kind to the environment.
  • STATIM Steam Autoclave
  • Soft-Tissue Diode Laser
  • Vibraject
  • Digital Xrays
  • Intraoral Cameras
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Clean Water System
STATIM Steam Autoclave
Gone are the days of smelly toxic chemical sterilizers. We ensure your safety by using the steam from pure distilled water to sterilize instruments and equipment used during your dental care.

Soft-Tissue Diode Laser
Cosmetic gum surgery, rapid treatment of cold sores and canker sores, biopsies and a variety of other treatments can be performed with minimal anesthetic and recovery time due to laser technology. Ask Dr. Sohn if laser treatment is right for you.
Vibraject "Stress-free" injections
Most patients are afraid of "getting a shot". Due to stress-free injection techniques including the Vibraject system, many of our patients leave the office wondering if they ever even got a shot!

Digital Xrays
With digital xray technology, we can get crisp diagnostic images almost instantly on a computer monitor. Compared to old film xrays, your exposure to xray radiation is minimized. Our office does not generate any chemical waste utilized for developing traditional xray films.
Introral Cameras
A picture is worth a thousand words: you can instantly see your teeth and gums so you and Dr. Sohn can work together to find solutions for your oral health.

Electronic Health Records
Dentistry as a whole is still a step behind medicine in converting to electronic health records. However, our office is leading the way to minimizing the use of paper in our daily operations. At the click of a button, copies of your records can be sent to specialists electronically, ensuring you get seamless specialty care when it is needed.

We deliver pure distilled water during your cleanings and dental treatment to ensure we exceed national standards for clean dental water lines.